Payment Mocker

Would you like to test your app for integrating with payment services. To avoid hassle of creating account on the gateway provider's website, use this service to test your app without any gateway configuration at all.

SMS Mocker

Sms Mocker will act as a Mock service for your SMS gateways. This service can be used by developers to quickly check the functionality of your app without having to actually send messages.

Payment Mocker

Post Request

Developers can send a POST request to the Mocker payment url mentioned below with minimum two params redirect_url and amount

Mocker Payment Endpoint :

\\ Required Params
    "transaction_no" : "672537625428468",
    "amount" : "100",
    "redirect_url" : "http://yourwebsite/response",

Change Payment Status Form

You will be displayed a mock payment form. You can set the status of the transaction and other params and process the payment.

Please Enter Transaction No. and Redirect URL and click Check Status Button to get Status.

SMS Service Flow

GET / POST Request

Developers can send a GET/POST request to the Mocker SMS service url mentioned below with minimum three params

Mocker SMS Endpoint :

\\ Required Params
    "sender_id" : "ANYTHING",
    "to" : "9898982323",
    "message" : "Hello how are you.",

To Check Messages :

List of Messages

Use the below button to check the messages sent to a specific id. since the sender id can be used by anyone it is advised to use a difficult to guess sender id while sending messages.